Embodied Healings

We can literally begin to heal humanity itself, simply by healing our own trauma!! ✨

Whether you came into this lifetime with contracts that no longer serve you, or if you are carrying energetic weight from childhood or societal programming. The time is NOW to release it from your body and energetic field!

Bring back into your life the flow, ease and purpose you were always meant to walk with. 

We are LIMITLESS! We can destroy the old patterns and limiting belief systems that we thought were "normal" . They are NOT normal! Health, happiness, ABUNDANCE and LOVE are our sovereign rights as human beings! It is never too late to claim them as yours!

I honor you in your decision to seek healing. It is really true that when you heal yourself, you heal HUMANITY! The ripple effect is huge in energetic work. So, "beautiful and sacred you", when you are ready, I would love to support you on your path to healing YOU! 

What to expect!

During: We will begin with your reason for booking a session and getting familiar. We will then set up parameters for our time together and then the healing, which can take many forms.

After: More clarity, expansion and joy, sense of purpose and lightness. Healing takes many forms and you will feel integration even after your session. 


There are no guarantees. Every session is unique and you will generally get what  you allow yourself to receive. This can sometimes be tricky if we are wrapped up in our head space. I am merely a bridge that can help reconnect you to yourself.

With gratitude always, Heather ✨