About The Embodied Shaman
Daughter of the Earth and bridge to her people. ✨ 

My name is Heather Hightower. It's no accident that you found your way here. 😉 Grateful you have!

I am a Shamanic Detoxification Specialist, channel and energetic alchemist. I grew up in San Diego and lived there for the majority of my life. I have an amazing husband and 2 awesome kiddos! We now choose to call the very MAGICAL country of Mexico, home!

-So what exactly is a "Shamanic Detoxification Specialist"?

Well, I have taken the two modalities that LIGHT ME UP the most, and combined them into a detox program that is supported by shamanic and alchemical energy work!

-What sorts of issues will this address?

Honestly, a complete detox will rid the body temple of most cancers, diabetes, autoimmune disease, neurological disease, damage brought on by vaccine reactions, heavy metal poisoning, mental disorders and the list goes on...

Detox, coupled with energetic movement of trauma; from the physical body, auric field and from generations past (trauma in your lineage), will provide a much more thorough healing together than separately. ✨

We are literally witnessing the birth of a new paradigm, a New Earth! We can create into existence, the exact life we want NOW!! I remember reading Dolores Cannon many years ago and seeing my self, and then my kids, in what she said about all of the empaths, indigos and crystal children coming back to help support this big coming change. We have now arrived, our time has come!

We are here to REMEMBER the TRUTH of who we are, and we are EMPOWERED to be unabashedly badass!! 💥 We can break the "cycle" or pattern that we have likely been perpetuating. We no longer have to remain small, out of fear or shame. We are COMPLETELY able to heal ourselves and our lineage!

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Embodied Healings

Reconnect with your HEART, BODY and your SPIRIT!! Remember who you are and how it feels to walk in alignment with all that is.

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